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It’s a Rap! Charlotte Video Production Company produces live event for Atlantic Records!

It’s a Rap! Charlotte Video Production Company produces live event for Atlantic Records!

WaleL.A. Management Company had a very unique opportunity this week … we expanded our portfolio of work to include rap stars. Yes, you read that right. It all started with a frantic phone call on Monday morning. J.Cole, a hip hop rap artist, and his opening act Wale (pronounced Wall-E), also a rap artist, were performing at UNC Charlotte’s Halton Arena that evening. A production company for Atlantic Records had failed to show up and Wale was supposed to be live streaming his performance to an audience in Washington, DC.

A quick online search by Atlantic Records executives for “Video Production Company’s in Charlotte” brought them right to L.A. Management Company. You see, we have a specialty website promoting our video production services – Smart, right?

Our video production team literally dropped what we were doing and trekked over to the arena to step in. The project required a 4-camera live video streaming of Wale’s performance. Stress levels were high at the arena and our first job was to ensure that we’d figure out how to get the live video feed to D.C. and calm the nerves of those upset by the no-show of the first production company.

Our second role was to figure out how in the heck are we going to do this using some equipment that frankly only those in the entertainment industry frequently sending live video feed elsewhere in the country would need to use. If you’ve checked out our video production portfolio, you can quickly gather that this type of gig is not common for us.

But you know what, we did it! And, if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn, we did it really well! I’m really proud of my team. Not only did we jump out of our comfort zone to get a job done on the fly, we came up with creative solutions to work around complications and you know what we pulled it off. The audience in D.C. got their live performance of Wale while 9,000 fans at Halton Arena enjoyed the show in person.

On the drive home that evening, I had several thoughts while my ears were still ringing.

1. Small marketing businesses often get so busy taking care of their clients that they don’t put the time in to practice what they preach on their own business. I’m proud of the fact that we do! Video production is one of the services we offer and giving it its own space on the web at has paid off dividends for us. We get a lot of jobs from online searches alone.

2. On paper, this particular job would not have seemed to be a good fit for us. If we would have had more time to think about it, we might have turned it down. Thankfully, we didn’t have much time to think about it and we made it a priority to see if we could help. We stepped out of our comfort zone and not only learned a bit, but confirmed how well we work as a team.

3. My kids are never going to believe what I did this evening. Did it up my cool factor? (It didn’t.)


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