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Our Video Production Process

Our Process

When planning a video for your company or organization there can be a great deal of anxiety and confusion. You know you want a video for training, trade show or web site but you don”t know what should be in it or how to begin.

At Video Production Charlotte, an LA Management Company division, we begin by understanding your goals. We will ask you questions starting with who is the audience, where will the video be seen, what are you trying to communicate, who or what will be in the video, is there a style you have seen and like and what response are you hoping from the video????

Once we have performed a thorough intake, which may require a location scouting visit, our experienced producers will discuss multiple options and then provide you with a plan that will fit your requirements and budget.


What happens next?

In most cases the first step is a clear bullet point outline of the project, listing the message points, participants and locations and then an agenda for the video shoot day is developed so everyone is aware of when something should happen and who will be involved. A shoot agenda is particularly import when we are filming in busy offices or factories so business activity is impacted as little as possible.

Once the footage is captured the magic happens in the edit suite

Our editors begin by capturing the footage into out edit system and begin by selecting the best footage based on the outline and script. Once the appropriate footage, images, text and narration are organized we begin cleaning up audio and color so you look and sound your best without the ahm’s and ahh’s. Visual effects, titles, music, graphics and animation are inserted to complete the project.

We team with you through the review process

Now that we have a complete program we post the project on a private web page so that all team members can review and submit critiques. Changes are decided upon and a review edit addresses any changes or issues necessary. A second review is then done to assure that nothing was missed and then a finished video, usually in internet and DVD format, is produced.