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Do You Have A Video Strategy?

With broadband access, wireless technology, and amazing recording devices, video is easier to capture and deliver than ever.

It is estimated that the number of those who watch online video is set to double, reaching 1.5 billion users by 2016. In addition, the use of online video for business purposes is also projected to see exponential growth from internal training videos to content marketing. As a result, we are seeing an increased number of companies using video as a way to connect with their internal and external audiences because it is convenient, engaging  and user-friendly.


With the advent of inexpensive, high quality  HD cameras and simpler video editing software, many individuals and companies are producing and distributing online video content with varying success.


We work with a lot of companies that have tried to develop in-house video programs on their own, but have ended up disappointed with the end result. There are also many clients that have spent a lot of money on glamorous productions, which cost not only an exorbitant amount of money but provided plenty of headaches along the way and the end product didn’t justify the time and expense. The problem is that both the do-it yourselfers and even some video production companies often do not understand how to develop a strategic plan and communication analysis to develop the right messaging, delivery style and method to effectively deliver their video. As a result, the project becomes an unsuccessful exercise and the enthusiasm for producing video content is lost.

Producing a quality video first starts with research. It’s imperative to know the audience you want to reach and write a script that appeals to that audience. Shortcuts in research on the front-end of a production could derail an entire video campaign.

Sometimes simple is better…and more effective.

We produce quality corporate communication pieces and effective non-profit fund raising videos, but many times our clients need simple “YouTube” style videos to address a specific topic and educate their audience. This is where the strategy is more important than the style. If budget or proximity make it difficult to shoot a quick video for the client, we coach the client on how to get the footage we need including, type of camera, shooting style, lighting, audio and positioning of the on-camera subjects. Once the footage is gathered, our award winning editors can fix the lighting and audio issues, add music, graphics, titles or animation and edit the footage to look professional and presentable and most important be effective.

Issues when distributing video online

Mobile device capabilities

Many smartphone and tablet users use their devices to watch video–in fact, the majority of tablet users watch video on their devices, and there’s been a 34 percent increase of users accessing video on their smartphones over the past year. If businesses don’t take this trend into account, content creators are losing out on a way to connect with their target market, and employees are losing out on the opportunity to work, learn, and catch up on work while on the go. Ensure all videos are created with mobile capabilities to best meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. Employers should make a point to confirm that the content can be viewed on any device including iPhones and iPads that are not compatible with Flash.



Where will your video be viewed -On your web site, landing page, YouTube,, MetaCafe, Vimeo, BlogTV? There are hundreds of video portals focused on various audiences. You may want the video on a private page for internal or client viewing only. You need a marketing strategy and capable partner to help you manage distribution and how you will analyze the data. There may be uses for the video offline as well, in the lobby of your office, at tradeshows or for specific visitors to your facility. If you have a strategy before production you can re-purpose the video for multiple purposes and maximize cost efficiency. At L.A. Management we work with firms large and small to produce and distribute their message utilizing effective and compelling methodology.

Develop a Call-To-Action

Calls to action inform the viewers on what to do next. Calls to action can be a question, an external link, contact information, social networks, surveys, give-aways, or anything else that invites the viewer to engage. Not including a call to action decreases the purpose and the shelf-life of a video. Not including a call to action can also leave you with no data to measure the effectiveness of the program.