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Let Your Clients Tell Your Story

Let Your Clients Tell Your Story

In business there is nothing better than a good referral from a happy client. A referral provides comfort and confidence to the prospect that you will provide an exceptional level of service.

If only you could get your clients to speak about your company to a larger audience.

Well now you can!

Client Testimonial videos are a cost effective and powerful marketing tool. Recently one of our client’s, Larner’s Office Furniture in Charlotte, NC was retained to furnish the new world headquarters for Velocitor Solutions. This was a large project that required very detailed and coordinated design and purchasing and Larner’s delivered the product, design and vision of the CEO. The video to the right documents the process and allows the client Rich Pacella, Owner of Velocitor Solutions to tell the story for Larner’s Office Furniture.

LA Management Company performed the photography, video capture and edited the program for Larner’s to use on the web site and social media.

Client Video Testimonial