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Professional Video Production On A Budget

Professional Video Production On A Budget

At LA Management Company, based in Charlotte, NC, we work with large companies such as SIEMENS, Sakrete, Rodgers Builders and even NASA, we also work with many small companies that have a limited budget for their company videos. Some are complex branding videos while others are simple DYI videos or informative topic videos for YouTube.

Whether you are a large or small company you still want your videos to look professional. The challenge is how to manage the project and budget. That is where a professional video company that understands small business can help. Today, with high quality personal video cameras or even smartphones you can shoot professional footage that can be easily integrated into a professional production and still keep within your budget.

We work with small businesses to help manage their projects, shoot useful support footage without a professional crew when possible and tell their story, all within a manageable cost and time frame.

You don’t need a big budget, but you do need a professional to help guide the project and ultimately edit the video in to an effective and compelling narrative.

In some cases, the story can be told by key personnel in interviews. Other times narration, text and good support footage or photography can do the job. We help you determine where to start, help you outline your message and then determine the style necessary to complete the job effectively. We work with the client to determine the agenda, the necessary assets and messaging. Once the footage and assets are acquired, a video draft is created. The client is then able to review and collaborate with their team online and provide edit notes quickly and easily so we can complete the final edit and finalize the project.

You do not want to manage this on your own. Many of our clients come to us after failing to produce an in-house production.

If you are considering a video project, contact us for a free communication analysis. After our discussion we will provide a fixed rate production budget for your approval. At the very least you will better understand the challenges and process.

About the author: Lou Amico has managed and marketed for several businesses over the past 40 years and is President of LA Management Company, LLC and in Charlotte, NC.


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